Thursday, September 1, 2011

bean science project !

1.gather all materials.
2.use two 2oz plastic cups.
3.fill half way with soil.
4 poke hole in soil like half an inch than put bean in soil.
5.cover bean with soil.
6.poor 5ml of water in bean cups  and remember to do this every day .
7.put in sun light after done.

1.get a 2oz  cup fill half way with soil.
2.poke half inch hole in soil put bean in hole cover hole with soil.
3.use 5ml of dawn dish soap poor into bean cup 2 remember to do this every day.
4.keep track of data.
5put in sun light wen done.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

internet safty (cyber bullying)

If you bully someone on the computer its called cyber bullying.And this could either get you banned or blocked it all depends on what the person you are bullying does.They could either block you and that's all.Or they could tell the sites security on you then you could or will get booted. this is why I don't bully people!